Am I Eligible for a VA Military Loan?

Now more than ever, military service members have access to an array of benefits for serving our great nation!  Through your dedicated service to our country, you have access to a mortgage option that provides an opportunity for you to purchase a primary residence without putting any money down.  You can also refinance your existing home loan up to 100% of its value.

VA determines that veterans who fulfill the criteria below are eligible for the VA military home loan benefit:

  • Military Williamsburg, Military Norfolk, Military Hampton, Military Newport News, Military Virginia Beach•  You have served 2 years of continuous active-duty & an honorable discharge
  • •  You have served 6 years or more of service in the Reserves or Guard & an honorable discharge
  • •  You have served 90 consecutive days of active-duty wartime service & an honorable discharge
  • •  You have served 181 days of continuous active-duty during peacetime & an honorable discharge
  • •  You are the spouse of a service member who died in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related disability

Important Veteran Documents for Eligibility

VA assists veterans, eligible surviving spouses, and active duty military service members in becoming homeowners through the VA Military Home Loan Guaranty. It is important that before you begin the loan process to make sure you have all of your important military documents ready.

Your DD Form 214

Your DD-214 is your proof of military service.  It represents the complete, verified record of a service member’s time in the military.  This shows the nature of your discharge, dates of service, and current classification (retired, separated, Guard or Reserve status). The DD-214 is one of the most important documents you’ll get when you leave military service.   It is the vehicle to help you claim military benefits including VA loans, the GI Bill, and medical services provided by the VA.

Certificate of Eligibility

Before you get a VA loan, you will need to obtain