It’s that time of year where we see all the aisles at the stores that were once filled with candy, gifts, and holiday decor are now barren and stocked with all the tools needed to meet those goals.  Whether it’s vitamins, planners, workout gear, or the latest trends, the new year is upon us.

So how are you going to take it on?  I personally like to spend some time reflecting on the previous year.  My family does a favorite memories jar.  Each time we have a special moment or memory, we write them down on a scrap piece of paper and throw it in the jar and at the end of the year we reflect on all God’s amazing blessings.  Things as little as Landon tying his shoe for the first time, to Leyton writing his name (you can guess what season of life, I am in) to Lionel on his job promotion, we celebrate all the wins both big and small.  It’s super easy and fun to reflect.  I’ve also seen it done with river rocks where you write a word that would remind you of that memory on a rock and put all the rocks in a jar, that way it looks somewhat like decor throughout the year.    

From a business standpoint, I really try to get our team together in October or early November so we are ready, set, go for January.  I’m all about some goal setting.  Three things I really emphasize with the team.


1. Specific– What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

2. Measurable– How will you know when you’ve met that goal?

3. Achievable– What steps will you take to reach that goal?

4. Relevant– Business or personal, what about your goals are important to you?

5. Timely- Do you have a timeline in place?  When do you want to have this accomplished by?

There are so many great bloggers who give free advice, worksheets, and tips on goal setting. I highly recommend to check them out.  Just go to Pinterest and type in goal setting, you’d be shocked.

I personally like the three Ps; podcasts, planners, and paper.

1. Podcasts– There are so many uplifting stories, motivators, both for personal and business goals. 

2. Planner– A good planner is essential.  I use a Passion Planner, but my sister got an amazing one at Aldi.  This is really personal preference, but regardless any planner you get should allow you space to keep track of goals, goal setting, and make notes for future planning purposes. 

3. Paper– I like seeing things on paper.  I have a wide range of spreadsheets, growth plan handouts, and of course a vision board.  Put it on paper, it makes it real, it comes to life, and keeps you accountable!

So let’s do this.  I’ve given you some resources, some ideas, and hopefully a little motivation.  I know I personally am ready to crush 2019, oh and one last little tidbit.  You’ve got to have a word.  Find your word for 2019.  Happy planning and goal setting!!