Most people are aware of the discounts available to seniors at certain eating establishments.  My father for one never misses a chance to ask for that senior discount at his favorite restaurant. I did not realize that there were so many discounts available that go beyond the typical 10% off a steak dinner.  However, there are many other discounts available but are not publicized very well, and others just seem downright secretive.

Take grocery and retail stores for example.  Be sure to check these Virginia Specific Discounts to see if your favorites are listed.  Several of them offer discounts to seniors to be used on certain days of the week.  Taking advantage of a 5-20% savings on grocery and clothing can really add up.

Of course, my Recreational Therapist background comes into play as well with this post.  Many individuals on a fixed income tend to sacrifice participating in leisure activities for those services and items they need.  Everyone deserves and needs a little fun though.  Be sure to ask and/or inquire about discounts for movie theaters, National Parks, amusement parks, craft stores, and local museums. Click RVA On The Cheap for more details.

Don’t forget about travel and other services too.  Hotel rooms, airfare, and car rental discounts should also be on your radar. Saving a little bit all around can save you hundreds of dollars on your next vacation.  Be sure to check out the above links as well for discounts on services like haircuts, massages and more.

On a side note….my husband and I cut the cord several years back and do not regret the decision.  We have a nice smart TV and are able to get Netflix and Amazon Prime which makes for great viewing. In addition to that we purchased a HD Antenna and now have about 30 channels that keep our family plenty entertained.  No, it’s not cable, but gee it’s been nice saving that $200+ a month to be able to do other things.

If you have been using these “tricks” for years, good for you.  If you haven’t, be sure to make it a point to ask the next time you are out and about.  As my mama would say, “If you don’t ask, you’ll never know”.